When it comes to roofing material choices in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and the South East and Eastern suburbs, Colorbond roofing is one of the most popular, and for good reason. The Colorbond roofing range is extremely durable, making it a good choice for keeping out Melbourne’s often extreme weather conditions.

Here’s why more Aussies are choosing Colorbond as their roof of choice for re-roofing and new developments:

More money in your back pocket

Colorbond may be the cheaper option as it covers more surface area for less, and you can save money on the cost of engineering and construction. The lightweight design of Colorbond means the roofing can be supported with less structural foundations. That means less money in the pockets of the engineers and builders, and more in your own. And you get the best looking roof in the street!

Colorbond is designed for the Australian climate

Strong winds, severe heat, and torrential downpours are not uncommon in Victoria. It can be difficult to find suitable roofing material options that can combat and withstand these conditions. Colorbond has been specially designed with the Australian climate in mind, with its in-built Thermatech technology. It has a high level of energy efficiency and an increased R-Value for insulation in roofs. You’ll find Colorbond reflects the light and the sun’s UV rays, keeping your home cool in summer. This saves you money on air conditioning, and reduces your greenhouse gas emissions.

It can survive even the most extreme weather conditions

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Colorbond for your roofing is that it’s fire resistant. The unpredictable and extremely hot weather conditions in Australia can often lead to bush fires. Colorbond roofs are constructed with a Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone (BAL-FZ) under the Australian Standard AS3959-2009, which the current standard designed to improve a building’s resistance from burning embers, radiant heat, flame contact or a combination of all three. If you’re situated in a bush fire prone area, then Colorbond is the best roofing material option for you.

Water is easily diverted

A Colorbond roof is corrugated with a specially made bonded paint surface, deflecting water in all the right ways and into all the right places. The water moves off a Colorbond roof quicker than a tiled roof, and can be captured in water tanks. This water is cleaner and readier to reuse and recycle because of the roof’s unique surface.

The Colorbond colour and style choices are endless

You have the freedom to create the look of your roof and overall property. Maybe you’re looking for an ultra-modern design. Or maybe you want your building to blend in with its surrounds. There are over 20 colours to choose from, and new and innovative ranges are always being launched to keep up with the latest trends.

If you’re looking to add value to your property with a Colorbond roof, give the team at Buckland Roofing a call!

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