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Roof Leaks & Maintenance

Roof Leaks & Maintenance

Finding the exact source of a roof leak can be tricky, but when left untreated can cause costly damage to your property. If you have cracked or sagging roof sheeting, or broken roof tiles or ridge cappings, there’s a fair chance you also have a roof leak. This can lead to structural damage, mould and even rot.

Buckland Roofing offer metal roof maintenance services to properties around Melbourne and Frankston for roof leaks caused by rust and other damage. We track where leaks originate and travel from, and recommend the best course of action to amend. We ensure your roofing defects are resolved promptly and to the highest standard.

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Gutter, Downpipe and Fascia Replacements

Over time gutters and downpipes become rusted and weathered. Replacing them not only solves the leaks, but also enhances the visual appeal of your property exterior. Buckland roofing provide gutter and downpipe replacement services to properties across Melbourne and Frankston.

If you find your fascia rotting or beginning to look weathered, installing metal fascia cover is a cost effective means of sealing, drying and protecting damaged fascia timbers. While replacing your guttering and downpipe system, Buckland Roofing can also install metal fascia cover, which comes in a variety of colours and requires no maintenance.

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Roof Leak & Maintenance Process

Assess the roof

After scheduling in a time with Buckland Roofing we will send out one of our qualified roof plumbers to complete an assessment of your roof.

Locate the source of the problem

Our experienced roof plumbing contractor will locate the source of any leaks or other roofing issues you may have.

Provide a solution

After explaining the cause of your roofing problem, our roof plumber will recommend the best roofing solution.

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