Roof gutters not only make a property look stylish, but they also perform important functions that help keep the inside of buildings dry, yards from flooding, and foundations strong. If you wait too long to have your metal downpipes and gutters checked and repaired by a Melbourne roof plumber, it can often be a costly mistake.

How much of a problem can rundown metal downpipes and gutters become?

Rain gutters are designed to collect water runoff and channel it away from the property through a downspout. When you have a defective gutter system, this water runoff isn’t being properly diverted, and can cause extensive damage.

When water drips directly down off a roof, not only do the people entering or exiting the building get saturated from the runoff, but water can also pool on the ground next to foundations, basements and crawl spaces. This moisture erodes soil around the structure, can leak into basements, be absorbed by concrete walls and floors, and cause foundations to crack as the ground becomes saturated and dries out. This provides an environment where fungus and bacteria can grow and flourish, and can lead to excess moisture collecting on windows, damaging window frames and structures.

A defective gutter system can also result in water entering under the edges of the roof causing wood rot, which compromises the integrity of the building.

How can Buckland Roofing help?

Gutters can last for many years, but eventually they will begin to rust, flake and leak. Buckland Roofing works with galvanised steel guttering systems in all colors and styles. We can perform new installations or repair existing systems for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Contact our friendly team today!

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