Protecting your property from the elements is not the only benefit of wall cladding. It has also become increasingly popular in Australia due to how it dramatically changes the design and look of your property – so that it stands out from all the rest!

What is wall cladding?

Wall cladding is the application of an outer layer to a property’s exterior walls. It is designed to provide thermal insulation, protect the property from weather conditions, and improve and enhance the look and design of the building.

Architectural wall cladding can dramatically add value to your property, and provides both thermal and sound insulation, and can increase your property’s fire protection.

What are the different wall cladding material options?

Here are a few architectural wall cladding options to consider to change the look and design of your property:

Weatherboard – Timber or Plywood Wall Cladding

Weatherboard wall cladding adds a warm and rustic quality to your property. This type of cladding requires maintenance as it is easily weathered and can be prone to leaking and wood rot. It is also not the ideal product for bushfire affected regions.

Aluminium and Zinc Wall Cladding

A versatile product that can withstand corrosive environments such as salty coastal air. Aluminium and Zinc wall cladding can promote condensation, so it needs to be paired with a special insulation in order to protect your property from that condensation.

Fibre Cement Wall Cladding

Fibre cement wall cladding has a low condensation quality that protects it and your property from heavy rain downpours. It does require painting, and is known for absorbing heat or passing on the cold from the outside. It doesn’t offer much insulation in this sense, so you will need to add extra. In an environmental sense, the product cannot be recycles and is a non-renewable energy source.

Brick Wall Cladding

A product that does not rot, does not require paint, and won’t be eaten by termites. While brick wall cladding sounds like an excellent option, you should consider its poor waterproofing capabilities.

Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding able to withstand the test of time as an elegant and timeless material that is mostly low maintenance. The downside, material and installation costs are extremely high.

Metal or Steel Wall Cladding

A product that requires very little to no maintenance, metal or steel wall cladding is extremely durable and waterproof, and comes in a vast range of finishes. We consider this to be the best of the bunch.

It is used in an increasingly large number of contemporary Australian property designs and can be made to suit most properties. There are 22 standard colours, 6 metallic colours, matt finishes, and the traditional silver finish of steel to choose from. This material can be recycled, and is a great environmentally conscious choice.

If you’re interested in changing the look of your property or providing extra protection using metal cladding, give Buckland Roofing a call today!

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