Metal Roof Installation

Metal Re-Roof

Metal Re-Roof

When it comes to your roof, metal is one of the most durable materials you can use. A properly designed and well-built roofing system is essential in protecting your home from the harsh elements all year round. That’s why we recommend metal roofing materials for all commercial and residential Melbourne and Frankston re-roofing projects.

Although many roof-related problems can be solved with quick fixes, re-roofing an existing roof may be required if there is severe damage. This may include significantly aged roof tiles, serious sagging and broken roof trusses, rusted metal roof sheets, aged corrugated roofing iron and any other major damage where it would be most practical to replace the entire roof.

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Tile to Metal Re-Roof

As roof tiles age, they can have a multitude of issues meaning at some point re-roofing is inevitable. Over time the mortar work holding the tiles in place breaks down and ridge caps become loose. The tiles themselves become brittle and break creating water leaks. Valleys rust out and roof flashings start to break down.

Unlike roof tiles, metal roofing material is extremely durable making it the most practical long term solution. Metal roofing is lightweight, exceptionally resistant to extreme weather events, requires next to no maintenance and is thermally more efficient than tiles. Metal re-roofing has become the most popular choice for Melbourne re-roofing projects.

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Benefits of a Metal Re-Roof

Aesthetic Improvement

A re-roof gives you the option to update the look of your property, especially when replacing roof tiles with metal roofing. Metal roofs are available in a huge variety of shapes, designs and colours.

Energy Efficient

A metal re-roof makes insulation and temperature control within the property easier, reducing the heating and cooling costs from using air conditioners and heating systems.

Cost effective

Repairing, fixing, or recolouring an existing roof can cost just as much – if not more – than the cost of undertaking a full metal re-roof. All current or potential problems with your existing roof will be removed along with roof itself.

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