Australia is known for its extreme weather conditions, Melbourne in particular! We’ve got sun and humidity one second, then wind and torrential rain the next. Unfortunately, this wild weather is no friend to your roof and we’ve seen first hand the damages it can bring. 

So what can be done to ensure you stay safe and warm during wild weather, especially with the threat of La Niña? 

La Niña

Firstly what is La Nina?
Australia’s climate is influenced by a range of factors, La Niña being one of them. It has the strongest influence on climate changes across our country. La Nina is described as the increased strength in winds, changing ocean currents and drawing cooler deep water to the surface. 

The presence of La Niña can mean increased rainfall, tropical cyclones, cooler days and a shift in temperature extremes. Australia’s wettest 2 year period was during the most recent 2010-2012 La Niña event so we shouldn’t take these looming weather conditions lightly! Mitigation is the best cause of action when it comes to roofing and the first step is maintenance.

Roof Maintenance

Avoid littering your home with pots and buckets to catch the leak in your roof mid storm! Preparation is key and there are a few things you can do before the storm season hits in Autumn. 

  • Inspect your roof for any broken sheets, cracked tiles, built-up dirt or rust.
  • Check your guttering and drainage system for blockages or defects. We discuss the importance of downpipe and gutter maintenance here.
  • Ensure your roof is watertight to avoid liquid entering beneath the roof and onto wood which can lead to a range of structural issues.

Found a leak?

Untreated roof leaks can result in damage, mould and rot. If you have cracked or sagging roof sheeting, or broken roof tiles there’s a high chance you also have a roof leak. Finding the exact source of a roof leak can be tricky, but when left untreated can cause costly damage to your property. 

While it is best to maintain your roof year-round, we know life can get in the way – that’s why we’re here. If you see any issues with your roof or you’re not sure what to look for, contact us.

Buckland Roofing offers metal roof maintenance services to properties around Melbourne and Frankston for roof leaks caused by rust and other damage. Our team of professionals will ensure your property is in tip-top shape before any extreme weather hits.