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Roof Reports

Roof Reports

Buckland Roofing provides builders, insurance companies, loss adjusters and body corporates with a complete analysis of the condition of residential and commercial roofs. Our exceptional attention to detail and years of experience in the roof plumbing industry allows us to provide clear and comprehensive roof reporting.

Our team of expert roofing contractors go out to site and inspect the roofing surface and drainage. We ensure the roof complies with the relevant Codes of Practice and identify the cause of roof defects due to storm, maintenance, design, installation and other issues.

Our roof reports include:

  • A comprehensive report identifying roof defects and their causes
  • Accompanying photographic references
  • Advice and recommendations that can be used to form a scope of works

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Why Choose Buckland Roofing?

Exceptional Communication

To ensure roof reports are finalised in a timely and efficient manner, our team adheres to exceptional communication standards with all relevant parties.

Strong Partnerships

We’ve built strong partnerships with builders and insurance companies through our quality roof plumbing, cladding and roof reporting services.

Our Experience

Our years of experience has given us the knowledge and attention to detail to accurately identify and provide solutions for a range of roof defects and non-compliance.